Language Consultancy Desk

Language Consultancy Desk (LCD) is a small company with a great deal of linguistic expertise, specialising in translation and linguistic advice. Although we make use of specialised software (translation memories, dedicated vocabulary lists, corpus searches etc.), these are always subsidiary to the actual translation or advisory process.

Translation Work

LCD specialises in translating texts from Dutch or German into English and from English into Dutch. We can handle any kind of text from popular scientific and light technical ones to legal texts and computer software. Work on the latter kind of texts includes 'localisation'.

Linguistic Advice

LCD can provide advice on all kinds of linguistic issues - editing texts, stylistic streamlining, 'Plain English', forensic linguistic matters, etc.LCD was/is involved in various EU projects, such as the LATE project  ( - helping new EU countries with the kind of English found in EU documents), VIRTEX ( - developing videoclips for the catering industry) and PICTURE ( - dealing with intercultural aspects of language learning).

This is us

Willem Meijs is a Dutch linguist and English-language specialist with wide-ranging experience in language teaching, corpus linguistics and computer-based lexico- graphical research at University level, as well as computer-supported translation work.

Sue Blackwell is an English linguist and English-language specialist with wide-ranging experience in academic language teaching and research, including such areas as language learning, language and gender, and forensic linguistics - analysing disputed texts in criminal proceedings.


Language Consultancy Desk

Birmingham  - UK

Phone: 0044 121 449 1063